How To Start Your International SEO Strategy?


About the author:

Francisco Leon, is a Toronto SEO Expert in International SEO. Currently he is responsible as Seo Lead for the internationalization strategy on Spanish Markets at Shopify.

So you think you’re ready to expand your business globally but not so sure how to implement your international SEO strategy? If so, then this article is for you. Read on to learn more about international SEO and the essential steps to begin your global internet marketing campaign.

International SEO is a search engine optimization technique being implemented by developing a company website that targets global audiences and utilizing different languages that search engine can easily recognize. This process is not just about creating a simple website with simple design, elements and contents, but requires a deep understanding and technical expertise regarding the important factors to deal with international audiences and large market effectively while gaining visibility in worldwide search engines.

For businesses that are trying to accommodate worldwide audiences and various cultures, international SEO can be a complex matter and many people prefer to use SEO companies that specialize in international SEO.. Nowadays, companies who are planning for business expansion as well as internet marketers who manage this type of projects for their clients are realizing the benefits and influence of technology innovation in obtaining more prospects and encouraging new buyers from all around the world. Moreover, you should consider this strategy to target multiple countries and languages and rank internationally as well as increase your client base.

seo-mistakeMistakes To Avoid

Getting your business in the international scene gives you diverse range of new opportunities. On the other hand, the challenges of expanding your web presence to new markets are certainly not easy since you have to consider several factors such as localization, language barriers, brand competitions and technical expertise needed to successfully execute the process. In a nutshell, success won’t be possible without careful planning and advanced knowledge with various international SEO aspects.

That’s why many companies fail to succeed due to committing several mistakes, lacking the right expertise or because they’ve started without specific a plan. Just by creating content and building a basic website structure without considering the culture and languages of your targeted audiences will not be enough to survive the international industry rivalry.

Hence, if you’re really serious about introducing your business to the world and optimize in other countries, you should not stick with what you currently have. Nevertheless, you can use your existing business site to upgrade and improve the characteristics of your prospect countries and audiences.

seo-1How To Start Your International SEO Strategy

On the initial stage, determining how you can be able to implement the right international SEO campaign for your business can be overwhelming. To help your move further, here are some of the essential aspects when starting your international SEO campaign;

Analyze the behavior of your international customers through web analytics and adjust your effort if necessary to get better results.

Even with similar languages, considering differences in cultures and localization is a crucial factor when implementing your international strategy. Moreover, there are individualities in terms of competitions, audience preferences and currencies.
Study the structure of your website design and elements to fit each country or language.
Design your site and write content according to the needs and expectation of the international visitors or depending upon the country they live in. While this may not always applicable, you can focus on recognizing the most cost effective methods and construct your website around that.

Now that you know some of the essential parts of starting an international SEO campaign, already set up your web analytics tool, conducted an analysis for international market opportunities and prepared all the materials and resources for your campaign, then it’s time to move further on the next steps. For your international SEO strategy to be successful, you need an effective plan. Learn from these tips;

Gather the best keywords for your niche.

keywords-magnifying-glassRight selection of keywords for your selected niche is very important in SEO. Since you’re now targeting international audiences, the very first thing you need to consider is the keywords that work closely to the products or services you offer. Do you think your customers will search for those keywords? Effective keyword research helps you discover the potential of your business in every targeted location around the globe. Begin your keyword research by evaluating international organic search and finalize by assessing your SEO potential once you’ve identified the countries you are aiming for.

Update Your Content And Keywords

All the changes you make on your website play an important part with how it interacts with your visitors and search engines. If your content or keywords are not performing well, consider re-evaluating your keywords and create fresh content regularly. Also, make sure to re-submit your site for indexing in order to be reconsidered in search engines.

Avoid using machine translations or automated translation software

Multilingual messaging for a brand is not just a simple translating job and companies should not rely mainly on automated translation software. Every single content on your website is important for your foreign visitors, therefore redirecting them to a different language using a machine translation tool is definitely not a good idea. Value your visitors and protect your business credibility by having your content be reviewed by real human. Search engines will reward you for it too.

Examine your website images, text and structure

Carefully choose the images and text you put in your website. Your business’ professional imagery can instantly impact the decision of your visitors. Likewise, your site’s structure has a significant role in your international SEO campaign because a language or country-specific domain will benefit the users and help them easily find what they need.

Allow your visitors to decide which language preference they want to use

Although you can set a primary language for your website pages, let your visitors choose their preferred languages as they visit and browse your website. Some readers might speak English and others might choose to read your content in German or any other languages.

In a nutshell, there is no shortcut in reaching international client base and international optimization is even harder and takes a lot of effort and time. To effectively implement international SEO strategy, it’s fundamental for any business to set specific goals. While there is no standard solution to present your website in different multiple languages, using a system that best matches your customer’s needs and your brand objectives. For those companies that are planning to run this program, it’s helpful to adhere to the above tips.