SEO in Brazil: Why You Should Optimize For The Brazilian Market


For many years, Brazil has been considered as among the most progressive countries in South America. Its economy is the seventh of the best around the world, which means that it is among the most conducive for investments and businesses.

Since it has maintained such a very good economy state, it is no wonder how quickly online businesses have gained popularity and also kept a loyal following.

Brazil is known for its rich culture and laid back vibe, but its business world is far from laid back. Brazilians are also tech-savvy, and have been known to be very good in computers and eCommerce businesses. Having said these facts, it should already be a given point to optimize websites to be able to reach the Brazilian market.

Brazil is also the second largest country in its continent, which is why it is very smart to invest on a business there. The bigger the target market, the better chances a business has to last, no matter how tight the competition might be.

Even when you are not staying in Brazil, you can still optimize your website to make sure it can reach Brazilian customers. With international SEO, it is highly possible to still catch their attention, given that the SEO strategies are done properly.

Why is Brazil good for business?

  • It has high population.Imagine the large number of people you can reach when you decide to make Brazilians your target market. A business centered on a place with more people naturally has better chances of succeeding as compared to investing in a place with lesser people. No matter the percentage, the turnout of sales is still very significant.
  • They are tech savvy. A recent study showed that Brazilians are naturally tech-savvy and are very fond of computers. This is a very good sign, most especially if you are running your business mainly on the web. Their characteristic of being great in computers mean that they understand how eCommerce works. Investing in a country where people are more open to online businesses can work very well for any eCommerce site.
  • They are now becoming popular worldwide. The recent Olympics took place in Brazil, which renewed their presence to the world. Those moments, all eyes were on them, which made Brazil famous in the business world. Many investments were sealed at the time, and they still seem to be at it today. These investments only show how great the country’s economy is today, which can be enjoyed by any business that decides to take the plunge there.
  • Their population is dominated by younger people.Millenials are naturally the ones who are into social media and everything online. They are the most interested about anything that is on the web, which makes them quite the usual target of many online businesses. The more fond people are of technology, the better their response will be to your business marketing efforts and strategies.
  • They love Facebook. Facebook is still Brazil’s most preferred social media platform. You may wonder, how is this good for business? Facebook marketing is one of the fastest and easiest way to promote particular products and services. An interesting post can instantly pave the way for a boost in sales and in website page traffic. This fact alone shows how well Brazil could improve your business and how it does on the market.
  • They thrive in social media and trust it most among other media. Brazilians simply love the internet. They are on the web all day, and see social media sites as the most trustworthy places in the web. This fact makes them so easy to reach out to, as they appear to be very open with what they see on the internet. Advertising to them and getting their interest does not seem to be that much of a challenge at all, as they are everywhere on the web.
  • They have been in the internet for more years than the others.Their enthusiastic social media users are online all the time. They are easily reachable and know very well how to use the internet, which makes them a great target market.
  • Brazil has a thriving economy. Several studies show how slow the economic inflation was during the 80’s and 90’s. However, their economy has recovered since then, which brought them to where they are today. They are now gaining much attention from the world scene, as more and more countries want to invest in there. They see Brazil as a great venue for business venture because of its people’s diversity and ability to keep up with the so-called Internet Age.
  • eCommerce is a huge hit there. From the moment eCommerce was launched in Brazil, it has kept up with the trends. Brazilians loved the idea of being able to purchase what they need when they need it. They appreciated how easy and hassle free online transactions are. Because of this, it is easier to penetrate to their market since they already know what’s in and what’s out.

seo-and-social-mediaLike most progressive countries, the people of Brazil possess the openness that is essential to make online businesses work in a particular place. Their enthusiasm and fondness of social media is naturally bound to open a vast amount of opportunities regarding business and commerce. Their youth make up a huge chunk of internet population, which now makes them a common target among online businesses and investors.

Brazil has been slowly picking up its pace in terms of its economy for so many years now, and eCommerce is just one of the reasons why it has gained and maintained its momentum. While it really took some time, it is also amazing how well they have played with the big names in business worldwide. Their rich culture and large population are reasons enough to really optimize your website to be able to market to Brazilians.

Any business with the aim to make it big in the industry has the common objective of being seen in the international scene. Start it with Brazil, where they love technology and know how online businesses are great for them. Have your international debut in Brazil, where they understand what your company can give them.