SEO in Spanish: Growing your website in South America


Latin America is now among the most progressive continents in the world today. Gone are the days when South American nations are struggling with the changing trends in world economy. The business world is still enjoying a very tight competition, and countries all over the world still have to do their very best to keep up.

No matter how huge you think your market already is, any business must never be so comfortable to the point of not wanting to keep improving. Improvements should always be part of the mission and vision of the company, and should never be taken for granted. In eCommerce most especially, where competition is as stiff and tight as one could get, the quest for doing better business should never ever end.

Since eCommerce has successfully taken the world by storm in such a drastic way, more and more nations embrace every strategy they can take to be sure they can keep up with such a stiff competition. All lines of business have to make sure they are ready to take on the struggles that come with starting an eCommerce site, including search engine optimization marketing strategizing and implementation.

Spain is one of the developing countries that have succeeded in the battle for internet marketing. Their investors are now all on the rage, as in other progressive countries including United States and Canada. More and more online marketing sites are being launched every day, which is a great sign pertaining to their economic relevance with that of the world. Now that they are still beginning to take notice of online shopping, it is the perfect time to try to penetrate it and reach an even bigger market than you have already used to.


Why is it worth optimizing your website in Spain?

  • Spain’s company is in full blast. Spain is one of Latin America’s most progressive countries in terms of business and economy. Its economy is now fighting amongst the bigger ones, even if a huge chunk of its population consists of poorer consumers. This just shows that despite the given fact that the country is indeed poverty stricken, their economy is still in full bloom and keeping up with the changes.
  • Online shopping is rapidly spreading across the entire continent. Optimizing your website in Spanish can also do the trick of it being optimized towards other countries in the same continent. It is simply like hitting multiple birds with just one stone, because Spanish is also known as the third most widely spoken language in the world—next to Mandarin and English. Since Latin America has been bitten by the online shopping bug, it has rapidly spread across the entire region, and still spreads even wider up to this day.
  • Payment methods in Spain has a wide variety. Spain is known all over the world as one of the most visited countries where tourism is alive. Its rich culture drives as much visitors as one nation can possible get, which is why more and more nationalities thrive in the country. The diverse population pretty much means that everything about the online business that is to be launched in Spain should also share the same diversity. It is what can make a certain business stand out and outlast its rivals.
  • Spanish language is widely spoken. Most of Latin America speaks Spanish, and so do other countries that used to be colonized by the country. Many nationalities can speak Spanish and treat it as one of their main languages. This fact alone is a big reason why it is very smart to invest in Spanish SEO marketing for a shopping site.
  • International SEO marketing is a thing now. Back then, international SEO had just been a thing for big businesses. The rise of online marketing and eCommerce shopping sites has opened plenty of opportunities for local websites to be seen internationally. Expanding a business is now easily done, and can be achieved even in a short span of time, as long as it is done properly.
  • Latin American business is growing by itself, and is said to be self-sustaining in no time. It is a given fact that a business owner has to spend some measly amount to be able to realize expansion and growth. However, the great thing about the Latin American entrepreneurship scene is the prediction that it can be able to sustain its own growth in no time. Its economy is experiencing such a rapid growth, that in a few years it is naturally bound to inflate all on its own, most especially if all eCommerce sites optimized in the region are closely reviewed and monitored.
  • Even African and Asian countries speak and understand Spanish. Apart from the 20 countries in Latin America that speak Spanish, there are also some nations in other continents that fluently understand it. Optimizing your website and including an option for a Spanish translation is a smart investment if you are serious in reaching as much countries as possible. You will not only reach Spain, but also communicate effectively with people from Portugal, Mexico, and a big part of Central America.

The online marketplace in Spain is still on its startup phase, but the growth is highly evident if you begin closely reviewing it. It is very important to start investing while it is all new. As a general rule, the pioneering names in the industry are the ones to naturally enjoy the loyal following.

In online business, the age of the website and the business itself is crucial in determining search engine ranking. The older the website is, and as long as it is updated, the better trust rating it can get. In the long run, an updated website that is optimized in as much languages will reap its rewards in the form of more sales and higher traffic.

While it is true that the eCommerce in Spain is still relatively new, the growth it exhibits to this day makes it worth the investment and effort. It could be a little pricey, especially during the startup stage, but as time goes by and you see how well it improves your business, it will all prove to be well worth it.